The Rise and fall of Nigerian’s most notorious kidnapper

He was once feared by his victims, a terror to the society and a man with a dead conscience. Chukwudumeje Onwuamadike, ‘Evans’ is one name that will live in infamy. Even when he saw his gangs been killed, he was never deterred in his nefarious activities as he kidnapped his victims at will, demanding incredible ransom in hard currencies. His lifestyle was out of reality, owning houses in places only the rich dear to including two mansions in Accra and Magodo, Lagos.

Recently revelations were made as how the infamous kidnap kingpin, Chukwudi Onuamadike (aka Evans), hijacked a bullion van and took N200m from it with his gang , carried out on the Aba-Port-Harcourt Road in Abia State, alongside other bullion van robberies in Abia and Enugu states.

The 36-year-old was finally arrested alongside six of his gang members after confessing to the crimes he committed collecting millions of dollars in ransoms alongside other bullion van robberies in Abia and Enugu states.

One thing remains certain with his arrest, citizens can now sign an instant relief, especially the many wealthy men and women who had fallen victims. As it is usually said in the country, every day for the thief, one day for the owner. For every evil deed, they say will never go unpunished. That has become the end of Evans.


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